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Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

#CTCYCLETOUR2018 was extraaaa…. well, HusbanK needed extra time. Did 80kms and had ‘mechanical failure’. More deats than that is not needed as we are grateful he returned to us still smiling😐

LCHF took the back seat the past few days as we #carboloaded Friday eve.

Much gratitude to Razaan who made pasta eve happen #loveyoumorewhenyoucookforus

Collecting his number is a family affair as we always enjoy being at the Cape Town Stadium. The stadium is world class and it’s such a pity that not enough events are held there. Like seriously imagine Hijab Fashion Week SA happening there! #goals #sayIn-Sha-Allah

Race day: #40take2 Compliments to Nedbank for the hospitality at the start and finish.

#NedbankforLife they accommodated a bicycle park for Nedbank riders at the tent. this was extraaa as can you imagine walking another metre after cycling for 109kms or even 80kms for some👌

Hehehe, looks like some came to win and others just for the koeksisters🙄

The event was live streamed on all social media platforms as the worlds most beautiful cycle tour. A G R E E D, and what a privilege it was to be part of it… as a supporter🚲

Ps: take advantage of the FREE Local courier delivery in Cape Town available until 15 March 2018 … thereafter I’ll get HusbanK to deliver on his cycle practice routes!

How was your weekend? Is the #ctcycletour on your bucket list? Let me know, we can pedal together🚲

Chat soon, much love 💕

Abashiya Achilles

Fabulous In Hijab

Day 2: LCHF


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Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

It’s a A choice to cook and eat healthy. My biggest fear of cooking LCHF was affordability. But I’ve reached the point where HusbanK won’t do anything by himself and I’m the one who apparently fattens him up(this is very true🤦🏻‍♀️).

Breakfast at Home is easy and simple weekdays, smoothies are life… it’s only weekends that we do family breakfast. Off duty this weekend as it’s the CTCT, goodluck riders 🚴‍♂️

Day 2: mince curry with cabbage & mushrooms on waffles.

The mince curry is basic added mushrooms & cabbage for volume. The waffles was another first and definitely super easy as the waffle maker is my fave appliance in the kitchen.

Recipe from Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse

I didn’t have flax meal so I omitted it🤦🏻‍♀️

Algamdoelilah they polished this meal… still many more creative healthy LCHF cooking ahead.

Please ladies, any advice is welcomed #LCHF WHATSAPP me on 084-553-1694.

Ps: free delivery in Cape Town on all items Online ….the Dresses, not the food🤪

Chat soon, much love

Abashiya Achilles

Fabulous In Hijab

LCHF low carb healthy fat


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Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

Since purchasing Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse I’m determined to cook healthier mostly for HusbanK.

Banting supper #1

Fish frikkadel fried in coconut oil, coleslaw salad instead of rice and veg steamed and smothered in real butter.

They did raise their eyebrows in huge surprise for no rice or fried potato wedges… but open to eating healthy for HusbanK’s sake.

Creative plating… no sweet chilling sauce, sorry kids we Banting.

And on that note: May Almighty Allah bless our families with good health AMEEN

PS! There’s a promo code: iLoveCTOnline and via WhatsApp orders on 084-553-1694

Chat soon, much love

Abashiya Achilles

Fabulous In Hijab



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Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

I hope and pray you are well In-Shaa-Allah! It feels like I haven’t blogged in years🙄 ooops, that’s right I haven’t🤦🏻‍♀️ please forgive me and pray I actually get the hours in the day to do all I intend to. AMEEN.

It’s been almost three weeks since my last #worktravel (there’ll be a new post on my HGM experience soon💕) and all I’ve been doing is sewing up a storm… but still no rain, eeek Duahs for rain 🙏🙏

I’ve finally managed to redo pics & stock of the LBD – Legendary Black Dress which has proven its quality, longevity and bestseller each year round! Algamdoelilah

Buy it here: Fabulous in Hijab LBD

And for the first time, yay!! I’ve added a promo code to the website which can be used for local Cape Town as well as National SA deliveries.

Use promo code:


Enjoy FREE CAPE TOWN courier delivery and promo code can be used on National SA deliveries too ie 50% off National courier charge!! How awesome is this? Who does FREE?? We do💥💥

Hurry on over to the website Fabulous In Hijab to bag yours now as this offer ends 15 March 2018.

For any assistance needed to purchase, just pop me a whatsapp, I’ll help as best I can…. perhaps you need it an extra length or have it shortened or you require a specific Colour, feel free to whatsapp me😉 084-553-1694

Chat soon lovelies

Abashiya AchilleS


Fabulous In Hijab Autumn 2016 Easter Vaycay Capsule

Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

It’s a long weekend before another long weekend = happiness for school vaycays too😃

Easter seems to have come earlier this year, wondering if the weather will hold as it often rains over the Easter weekend.  I’m a winter baby and love the cold weather… Yes because it’s easier to wear a scarf properly on the head covering all my hair, cos yes it will mince (cape town slang for frizzy hair) (ok, not really🙃) …know this, THE HIJAB STRUGGLE IS REAL! 

If you are going away over the holidays or spending quality time at home, #fabulousinhijab has some new comfy casuals available to ease you into the cooler days ahead. 

Here’s some vaycay style inspirations by Fabulous In Hijab

1.  Fabulous In Hijab Black Assymetric top & Black pants with Plimsoles and a plain black Pin Free Scarf. Dainty Y-chain for a finishing touch.

 2.  Fabulous In Hijab Grey Assymetric top, wear it with jeans & Plimsoles. 
3.  This one is a must have! Black Midi dress. Mid-calf length, long sleeves. The fabric is superb, no ironing, no crease, no fluff, no pill and did I mention no ironing😃😃which make the Black Midi dress the perfect item for travelling.

See below, two very different looks wearing the Black Midi dress with flared jeans and heels and again with one of my faves Nike #Theas. ( yes yes I know, I’m so flat😭 #fabulousinhijab clothing sizes till Xxl)



4. Grey & red stripe Assymentric top pair it with jeans.


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Goodwood family Fun day at JG Meiring school, 8-5.  Remember we have our vouchers, for your clothing donations Mienfadlik.

We love to hear from you, what you doing this Easter?☝️
Much love


8 days at sea with MSC

Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

So happy to be home🛳

Yesterday I did everything I needed to do to run my household as smoothly as possible as I yearn to start working again. unpacked luggage, did washing and grocery shopped… Also made time for a quick cuppa with husbanK.   

#OOTD 31-01-2016 – Fabulous In Hijab Denim Khamissa,  White T (borrowed from Aishah🙈) Gold NIKES and Woolies Sarong worn as a scarf👍 (details Here)

We returned Saturday from our 8 day cruise on the MSC Sinfonia.  We vaycay often as a family, locally, mostly camping and some staycations  at resorts.   But this cruise was something special.  When we started planning in March 2015, I originally wanted a shopping vaycay, just me and husbanK, but my kids objected heavily and then started looking for a suitable family trip. I can honestly say I wasn’t eager at all as I get motion sickness just looking at a boat🙈. Also, typically in my family, we not the international vaycay kind, only time we get on a plane is for Hadj and Umrah.  My parents encouraged us though, they cruised two years ago for moms 60th and they highly recommended it.  

We found the MSC packages were most affordable especially if you a family of four. The cabins are only 2,3 and 4 sleepers. We had a couple room and a four sleeper, for the kids.  The teens loved the fact they had their own space.  Best of all, it includes all meals. Yes!! all your meals are included in the package, you only pay for drink$.

Boat life was easy, the MSC offers 5 star hotel services including daily house cleaning and  meals 20hours out of a 24hour day.  The food is halaal friendly, meat is bought in halaal but the kitchen also cooks unhalaal dishes, take care to read the menu’s small print. We chose fish, seafood and chicken dishes over the other meals on offer at the restaurants.  


Food on the MSC Sinfonia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ first pic, one of my favourite at breakfast, chocolate mousse filled croissant (I’m still licking my lips☺️)

We had a combo cruise, embarked in Cape Town on Friday 22 Jan until Monday 25 Jan to Durban.  Four days at sea was the most relaxing. We enjoyed all the cruise activities on offer. A daily events brochure is delivered to your cabin and you can plan your day accordingly.  You have absolutely no worries about the kids. The teens signed up with the teens club 15 – 17 with their team leader Kyle who kept them entertained until 2am, expect not to see your kids but do give them a camera to capture their memories.  We had to make appointments with them for meal times🙈 even wanted Kyle to come home with us☺️

The second leg of the cruise was Durban-Maputo-Portugese Island-Durban disembarked Friday 29-01-2016. TT joined us and eventhough it was only four days since we saw them, it was great to have a sister on board too. Arriving at Durban we needed to go to customs with passports and unabridged birth certificates (make application for kids unabridged at least 6 months before your departure date) for our international part of the cruise. Thats the only time we used our passports until final disembarkation again.  Even arriving at Maputo, one can venture-on on your own into the city.  Best to leave your passports and all other valuables locked up in the cabin safe.  Girls were culture shocked😳 only the guys ventured-on in Maputo.  They did it old school, as we chose not to open our cell phones for international signal, road map, backpacks, water and Takkies🌞

Here’s some pics of the Masjieds they saw in Maputo.


Here’s some pics from our cruise, hope this inspires you to take a trip on the MSC, we highly recommend it…


salahuddin sipping his motion sickness meds


cream filled eclairs, nom nom nom the best!


same aged kids enjoyed midnight soccer & touch rugby, movie theatre, teens club



girls selfies with the foreigners


TT & I


lunch on Portugese Island

Bathing costumes from my cuz Aniyah Brown Accentuate


dressed up for dinner







I have to make mention the most important, their customer service is outstanding friendly happy hospitable and dedicated staff made our stay most enjoyable.


an attempted #OOTD at Holiday Inn Umhlanga


my family Welcome home


kids first time flying

(These are only a few of the pics we took on our vacation☺️)

Go ahead, add the MSC Cruises to your bucket list, it’s worth it.

Much love


Fabulous In Hijab, always open🕌

Aslm Hijabistas,

Hope you are keeping cool INSHA-Allah.  Summer is here, without a doubt, today is definitely a beach day!  

Often I’m asked, “”Where’s your shop””… Clearly I’m not doing my job very well☺️ here’s all the deats, where to find us


• Online store is always open, 24 hrs, in your sweatpants with no lipstick or a doek☺️ in the comfort of your home, delivered to your door.

• Gouwa Brown Fredericks at @hijabuki at 

101 3rd Ave 

Rondebosch East

open Thursdays 15:30 -17:30 & Saturday’s till 4pm. We will broadcast our open market days.

Kindly WHATSAPP her on 082-476-5341 before popping in outside her open times.

• I’m very flexible with my open times between, cutting & sewing, And will be offering extended shopping hours from my home store at 
13 Tambourine street, Belhar

For dressmaking, haute couture, bridal group consultations and sales.

WHATSAPP me on 084-553-1694 to arrange a suitable time, INSHA-Allah.

card facilities at both FIH outlets
alterations for your FIH garments are done from my home store in Belhar.

Stripes is a staple in your Summer wardrobe, so dont delay, it’s now available, online, at Gouwa’s in Rondebosch East and from my home store in Belhar.

Stella stripe tunic is manufactured with soft flowy, cool viscose fabric. The vertical stripe is rare and often I’m asked about horizontal lines…it is a myth but I am extremely happy that the Stella stripe is a vertical illusion☺️ retails at R300, belt is completely removable.
Summertime we have many events and do’s to attend, make this stripe skirt your go to piece. Model is wearing a white shirt, statement neck pieces and scarf of her own.  She was styled by Nafeesa from GlamSquad Skirt retails at R300.

All FABULOUS IN HIJAB wear is Available in SMALL till XXL.

bag your stripes today at

Much ❤️

Abashiya Achilles

21 years late Matric Ball

Asalamu Alaykum Dear hijabis 

I know I’m so delayed with wishing you beauties an Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak🐏 My sincerest duahs to you and your families for our sacrifices & prayers be accepted AMEEN.

It’s been too long since my last blogpost,  please forgive me… Been busy with new design styles, Eid rush and matric season all in one.  Scrolling through my pics, I realized I’m naturally more of a dress designer than a blogger… Blogging being a full time job on its own. Wish I had more hours in a day or maybe just another day between Saturday & Sunday just for me to document/showcase/exhibit my Fabulous In Hijab designs via this blog.

Hope you have a cuppa in hand as its going to be a long one😎

As a member of my teens high school SGB, hubby and I were invited to attend the schools matric ball. Same high school as I attended and I knew it was going to be a wonderful flashback to my teen years.  Not attending my own matric ball wasn’t a surprise for me back then as the rules were laid down when we (TT & I) started high school.  No matric ball and that was it.  No loss to me at all as we really didn’t have a social life outside school hours with our school friends.  Being part of a HUGE family, close knit, many cousins same ages, always a celebration every weekend, there was no time.         Yet, 21 years later, earlier this week, I attended my high school matric ball. 

I usually know exactly what style I want to wear for a specific occasion, my what to wear or rather what to make excitement was different…being my first matric ball, 2 decades later, I didn’t want a ball gown (in fear of looking like the students specifically) also needing to maintain a more ‘professional’ evening look! 

My Eid-Ul-Adha outfit could’nt do as the colour was too light for evening glamour.  I chose a jumpsuit😃 incorporated my latest crossover pants design to it, just for a bit more modesty when wearing pants.  I really stepped out of my comfort zone of wearing pants and was ecstatic with the outcome as it was loose all over.  The jumpsuit still on trend this season and I needed to hijabify this trend too😉 

Fabulous In Hijab Jumpsuit

Nude Brocade jacket (old)

Black Kashkah scarf from Riehanas Scarves

Chairman Scarf pin from Wimsy 


(Black doesn’t photograph well, eek)

Chatting to my school friend who attended our matric ball  we had a good laugh at the trend back then…  Peach satin with huge sleeves and lots of gold braiding, thigh high slit and all🌻

I didn’t get to wear a dress to my first matric ball but I did get to make lots of beautiful dresses, this year… My favorites being a classic black full sequined bodice dress and tulle bottom another a full length red lace dress with all round trail detail.

The Fabulous In Hijab Spring ’15 range is a capsule collection of tunics, Khamissas and crossover pants in Neutral shades of grey, nude, black and denim matching with natural striped & nude plain Khamissas and tunics.

Here’s a few pics currently available Online, from Gouwa in Rondebosch east and from the home of Fabulous In Hijab in Belhar, Cape Town


Black Khamissa

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants

Natural Stripe Khamissa

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants 

Coral jacquard knit Khamissa

White Colett tunic

 Grey crossover pants

My Salahuddin 

Jade jacquard Khamissa 

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants

Denim crossover pants

Coral Colett tunic

My Eid-Ul-Adha look.

Grey crossover pants

White Colett tunic

Blush pink Khamissa with grey contrast sleeve detail

Shoes (old – do you remember Topics?)

  A quick rinse and a blow dry☺️ thanks Salahuddin😏

Mommy Fabulous wearing the Jade Legendary dress

Nana wearing FABULOUS IN HIJAB chambray denim summer TRENCHsetting design 


 Aishah owns the jumpsuit trend, in soft viscose,  I love her in it as she stays neat and it’s super comfy. The Aztec/bohemian print ideal for her playfulness.

Mothers and daughters wearing similar trends… I’m all for it.  Our daughters wants to be just like us, let us be good examples for them, INSHA-Allah.  
  Mogamad Yusuf   
Shukran for reading, I’d love to hear from you, would you dare to wear the jumpsuit trend?  Have you tried the Fabulous in Hijab crossover pants?  It’s available online at a discounted launch promo price (promo ends 10 Oct ’15)

Bag it at now👌🏻

Stay Fabulous

Much 🌹


Eid-Ul-Fitr 2015 lookbook


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Asalamu Alaykum dear Hijabi’s

It’s been a week of total relaxation for me after Ramadan & Eid, Algamdoelilah.     My duah for you & me is to continue to uphold the extra ibadahs and Allah consciousness we had during this holy month.  As they say, what we do during Ramadan proves we are capable of doing throughout the year.  Ramadan is the month you prove to yourself what good Muslims we can be. AMEEN🙏

Eid day was spent with my family, started with our family tradition of exchanging gifts at breakfast then lunch with husbanKs family.  Back to Belhar for Tea time & supper at moms family with her family, then ended off perfectly with my dads (boontjie cousins/camping crew)😀

Here’s just a snippet of  pics how we enjoyed our time together in celebration of Eid.  






The day was perfect, Algamdoelilah!

Shukran, jazakhallah-Gheir, Kassie to everyone of you who chose Fabulous In Hijab for your Eid modest wear.  We are humbled by your support and will continue to bring you stylish designer modest wear for all occasions of your life, IN-SHA-ALLAH😇.
Here’s just a few pics I’ve received from you SA😍


Our FABULOUS IN HIJAB & HIJABUKI family selfi🌞 #eid2015


 We ❤️ you all😘

Please LIKE our Facebook page Fabulous In Hijab

Our monthly Hijabuki Market Day on Saturday, 1 August 2015, 11am – 4pm at 101 3rd Ave Rondebosch East for the new ‘TRENCHsetting‘ styled modest wear from Fabulous In Hijab.

We look forward to seeing you there🌞

Much ❤️



Ramadhan MUBARAK from Fabulous In Hijab…#HFWSA


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Aslm Hijabistas  

I’m so excited for the start of Ramadhan tomorrow INSHA-Allah.  My duahs to all Muslims that Almighty Allah grants us the health and strength to spend more time with our Quran so the month ahead be one whereby we benefit from the blessings of Ramadhan.  May this Ramadhan bring us to have tremendous spiritual growth, AMEEN.

Sunday was Hijab Fashion Week SA, where Fabulous In Hijab, Europa Design Emporium and ZA Designs showcased our Eid 2015 ranges. These pics (amateur) does no justice to the designs!  The garments showcased, portrayed style & elegance, the venue was stunning and we thoroughly enjoyed Sharmia our MC’s surprise… What happend at #HFWSA was for our eyes only.  She showed us, just because we are all covered up doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun!!  Sharmia, you are one super amazing woman, Masha-Allah❤️

FIH Models scarves were pinned by Gouwa Brown from Hijabuki, her Eid scarf range is available from her home store at 101 3rd Ave, Rondebosch East, which matches perfectly with the Fabulous In Hijab Eid 2015 dresses✔️. We invite you to her one stop shop, scarves, pins, accessories & Fabulous In Hijab girls & ladies Eid wear💃. Whatsapp her on 082-476-5341.

Here’s just a few pics that I’ve received from the show, still waiting on my professional photographers pics, which I’ll definitely be broadcasting via the social media platforms👍👗

Fabulous In Hijab – Anouschka wearing Marsala Cape, Black sequin Tshirt & Marsala Skirt.

Anouschka wearing Marsala Cape, sequin Tshirt & Marsala Tafetta Skirt

Europa Design Emporium  

 Europa Design Emporium

 Fabulous In Hijab – Noorunisa wearing Navy & Nude pleat detail dress.


Backstage with ZA Designs  

 ZA Designs 

 Fabulous In Hijab – My Princess Atiyah wearing Marsala tulle set, ages 3-8. 

Fabulous In Hijab – Leather & Lace outfit  

Fabulous In Hijab – Wardah wearing Vintage Tshirt & blue Tulle skirt  

 Fabulous In Hijab – me, doing my thang, Algamdoelilah to you ladies being ambassadors of Fabulous In Hijab❤️. (I’ll definitely have to wear my dress again for more detailed pics) 


Me… Wearing my new red boots, black Bootlength dress and Black Khamissa        


 Salahuddin & I enjoying a moment💋

We look forward to seeing you during the month of Ramadhan for your new Eid clothes, here’s my trading times for my home store in Belhar. 

Fabulous In Hijab shopping bags👌 shopping bags 

Fabulous In Hijab full Eid range also available at 101 3rd Ave, Rondebosch East, herewith Gouwa’s Ramadhan open days.

Fabulous in Hijab available online, delivered to your door at

Much 🙏

Abashiya Achilles

084-553-1694 Whatsapp me👗