Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

So happy to be home🛳

Yesterday I did everything I needed to do to run my household as smoothly as possible as I yearn to start working again. unpacked luggage, did washing and grocery shopped… Also made time for a quick cuppa with husbanK.   

#OOTD 31-01-2016 – Fabulous In Hijab Denim Khamissa,  White T (borrowed from Aishah🙈) Gold NIKES and Woolies Sarong worn as a scarf👍 (details Here)

We returned Saturday from our 8 day cruise on the MSC Sinfonia.  We vaycay often as a family, locally, mostly camping and some staycations  at resorts.   But this cruise was something special.  When we started planning in March 2015, I originally wanted a shopping vaycay, just me and husbanK, but my kids objected heavily and then started looking for a suitable family trip. I can honestly say I wasn’t eager at all as I get motion sickness just looking at a boat🙈. Also, typically in my family, we not the international vaycay kind, only time we get on a plane is for Hadj and Umrah.  My parents encouraged us though, they cruised two years ago for moms 60th and they highly recommended it.  

We found the MSC packages were most affordable especially if you a family of four. The cabins are only 2,3 and 4 sleepers. We had a couple room and a four sleeper, for the kids.  The teens loved the fact they had their own space.  Best of all, it includes all meals. Yes!! all your meals are included in the package, you only pay for drink$.

Boat life was easy, the MSC offers 5 star hotel services including daily house cleaning and  meals 20hours out of a 24hour day.  The food is halaal friendly, meat is bought in halaal but the kitchen also cooks unhalaal dishes, take care to read the menu’s small print. We chose fish, seafood and chicken dishes over the other meals on offer at the restaurants.  


Food on the MSC Sinfonia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ first pic, one of my favourite at breakfast, chocolate mousse filled croissant (I’m still licking my lips☺️)

We had a combo cruise, embarked in Cape Town on Friday 22 Jan until Monday 25 Jan to Durban.  Four days at sea was the most relaxing. We enjoyed all the cruise activities on offer. A daily events brochure is delivered to your cabin and you can plan your day accordingly.  You have absolutely no worries about the kids. The teens signed up with the teens club 15 – 17 with their team leader Kyle who kept them entertained until 2am, expect not to see your kids but do give them a camera to capture their memories.  We had to make appointments with them for meal times🙈 even wanted Kyle to come home with us☺️

The second leg of the cruise was Durban-Maputo-Portugese Island-Durban disembarked Friday 29-01-2016. TT joined us and eventhough it was only four days since we saw them, it was great to have a sister on board too. Arriving at Durban we needed to go to customs with passports and unabridged birth certificates (make application for kids unabridged at least 6 months before your departure date) for our international part of the cruise. Thats the only time we used our passports until final disembarkation again.  Even arriving at Maputo, one can venture-on on your own into the city.  Best to leave your passports and all other valuables locked up in the cabin safe.  Girls were culture shocked😳 only the guys ventured-on in Maputo.  They did it old school, as we chose not to open our cell phones for international signal, road map, backpacks, water and Takkies🌞

Here’s some pics of the Masjieds they saw in Maputo.


Here’s some pics from our cruise, hope this inspires you to take a trip on the MSC, we highly recommend it…


salahuddin sipping his motion sickness meds


cream filled eclairs, nom nom nom the best!


same aged kids enjoyed midnight soccer & touch rugby, movie theatre, teens club



girls selfies with the foreigners


TT & I


lunch on Portugese Island

Bathing costumes from my cuz Aniyah Brown Accentuate


dressed up for dinner







I have to make mention the most important, their customer service is outstanding friendly happy hospitable and dedicated staff made our stay most enjoyable.


an attempted #OOTD at Holiday Inn Umhlanga


my family Welcome home


kids first time flying

(These are only a few of the pics we took on our vacation☺️)

Go ahead, add the MSC Cruises to your bucket list, it’s worth it.

Much love