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Aslm Hijabistas  

I’m so excited for the start of Ramadhan tomorrow INSHA-Allah.  My duahs to all Muslims that Almighty Allah grants us the health and strength to spend more time with our Quran so the month ahead be one whereby we benefit from the blessings of Ramadhan.  May this Ramadhan bring us to have tremendous spiritual growth, AMEEN.

Sunday was Hijab Fashion Week SA, where Fabulous In Hijab, Europa Design Emporium and ZA Designs showcased our Eid 2015 ranges. These pics (amateur) does no justice to the designs!  The garments showcased, portrayed style & elegance, the venue was stunning and we thoroughly enjoyed Sharmia our MC’s surprise… What happend at #HFWSA was for our eyes only.  She showed us, just because we are all covered up doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun!!  Sharmia, you are one super amazing woman, Masha-Allah❤️

FIH Models scarves were pinned by Gouwa Brown from Hijabuki, her Eid scarf range is available from her home store at 101 3rd Ave, Rondebosch East, which matches perfectly with the Fabulous In Hijab Eid 2015 dresses✔️. We invite you to her one stop shop, scarves, pins, accessories & Fabulous In Hijab girls & ladies Eid wear💃. Whatsapp her on 082-476-5341.

Here’s just a few pics that I’ve received from the show, still waiting on my professional photographers pics, which I’ll definitely be broadcasting via the social media platforms👍👗

Fabulous In Hijab – Anouschka wearing Marsala Cape, Black sequin Tshirt & Marsala Skirt.

Anouschka wearing Marsala Cape, sequin Tshirt & Marsala Tafetta Skirt

Europa Design Emporium  

 Europa Design Emporium

 Fabulous In Hijab – Noorunisa wearing Navy & Nude pleat detail dress.


Backstage with ZA Designs  

 ZA Designs 

 Fabulous In Hijab – My Princess Atiyah wearing Marsala tulle set, ages 3-8. 

Fabulous In Hijab – Leather & Lace outfit  

Fabulous In Hijab – Wardah wearing Vintage Tshirt & blue Tulle skirt  

 Fabulous In Hijab – me, doing my thang, Algamdoelilah to you ladies being ambassadors of Fabulous In Hijab❤️. (I’ll definitely have to wear my dress again for more detailed pics) 


Me… Wearing my new red boots, black Bootlength dress and Black Khamissa        


 Salahuddin & I enjoying a moment💋

We look forward to seeing you during the month of Ramadhan for your new Eid clothes, here’s my trading times for my home store in Belhar. 

Fabulous In Hijab shopping bags👌 shopping bags 

Fabulous In Hijab full Eid range also available at 101 3rd Ave, Rondebosch East, herewith Gouwa’s Ramadhan open days.

Fabulous in Hijab available online, delivered to your door at Www.fabulousinhijab.co.za

Much 🙏

Abashiya Achilles

084-553-1694 Whatsapp me👗