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Asalamu Alaykum dear Hijabi’s

It’s been a week of total relaxation for me after Ramadan & Eid, Algamdoelilah.     My duah for you & me is to continue to uphold the extra ibadahs and Allah consciousness we had during this holy month.  As they say, what we do during Ramadan proves we are capable of doing throughout the year.  Ramadan is the month you prove to yourself what good Muslims we can be. AMEEN🙏

Eid day was spent with my family, started with our family tradition of exchanging gifts at breakfast then lunch with husbanKs family.  Back to Belhar for Tea time & supper at moms family with her family, then ended off perfectly with my dads (boontjie cousins/camping crew)😀

Here’s just a snippet of  pics how we enjoyed our time together in celebration of Eid.  






The day was perfect, Algamdoelilah!

Shukran, jazakhallah-Gheir, Kassie to everyone of you who chose Fabulous In Hijab for your Eid modest wear.  We are humbled by your support and will continue to bring you stylish designer modest wear for all occasions of your life, IN-SHA-ALLAH😇.
Here’s just a few pics I’ve received from you SA😍


Our FABULOUS IN HIJAB & HIJABUKI family selfi🌞 #eid2015


 We ❤️ you all😘

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Much ❤️