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Aslm dear Hijabista’s

Where is 2015 rushing off too! It must be my excitement for the Ramadhan just few months away! In just about 100 days, yes! for reals in just 100 days the blessed month is upon us, INSHA-Allah.

I haven’t had a free moment to have a cuppa something cold and blog as I had intended too. I’m not really a stranger if you are following my updates on facebook & instagram. I do hope you are as Fabulous In Hijab had turned 5 in October 2014 already. How time has gone by so quickly, 5 years of Fabulous In Hijab, home grown in thee most beautiful Cape Town and available throughout South Africa via the online store. The silly summer season with vaycays and beach days delayed the intended celebrations but got me ready for more giveaways!

Let me first survive a full calendar for February 2015 and we will do a good couple of great giveaways in celebration of Fabulous In Hijab’s 5th birthday.

My calendar, February 2015 is fully booked so I’m already working in March 2015…. Crazy right. All praises to Allah Alone.

Here’s the deats for February 2015.


Saturday 21 February 2015
Clothing Swop
Contact: Nuhaa Dalwai 081-472-7686
Read her blog for further details here.


Saturday 28 February 2015
Darun Naim Ladies only Market
Wittebome Civic
Entry R5
This is their annual market and request your attendance. This market offers home grown businesses, like Fabulous In Hijab an opportunity to market and retail their goods. What I love most about these markets are the real talent Cape Town has to offer.

I look forward to seeing you there, INSHA-Allah

Much ❤️


Getting your Khamissa on


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Aslm Hijabistas

Do you also struggle to get started on a Monday? The grey skies in Cape Town today also not making it any easier hey! Naturally I’m a self starter…or rather…uhm, I never stop. That’s what I love most about the fashion industry, as one season ends another awaits.

“Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity”
Carolina Herrera

A few months back I was tasked by my very special customer (I’m not going to name her as I feel the clothes should speak for themselves, and she already such celebrity😉). She explains the women in Dubai wears black Abayas over everything for extra coverage. She was vaycaying there and needed it for extra coverage and modesty but needed it to be fun and colourful.
This was the start of the khamissa range.

Here she is in Dubai.



And here Cape Towns very own “voorloopetjie” – leader (hope I spelt that correctly! )

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.
Carolina Herrera




So sad the candy stripe Khamissa is sold out, but this is how I styled it.

The Khamissa is now available in navy & white stripe. Please do drop me a Whatsapp message on 084-553-1694. I post nationwide.
Available in Small till XXL.


Please do pop by again, I have to share with you the tulle skirt look post.

Keep me in your duahs🙏

Much 💛

Eid Adhaa at Fabulous In Hijab, Cape Town South Africa


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Aslm Beautiful Hijabistas

Eid Mubarak🌏
Algamdoelilah, what a beautiful Eid.

Eid Ul Adha celebration, also known as the Festival of the Sacrifice.

The story of Nabiy Ibrahim’s sacrifice is a beautiful one of faith, love and mercy. Nabiy Ibrahim sees in a dream to sacrifice his son, Nabiy Ismail. This was extremely difficult for Nabiy Ibrahim as He continuously prayed to Allah SWT for a son. Years before, Nabiy Ibrahim was ordered to leave Nabiy Ismail and his mother Hajar in the desert. Hajar in desperation and supplication to Allah SWT for any resource, runs between mount Sa’fa & Mar’wa. Allah SWT blessed them with water, known today as the well of Zam Zam.

These rituals are ‘replayed’ during the days of Hadj, and at the end of the holy pilgrimage marks the day of Eid Ul Adha. This year I was blessed to host our annual Qurbaan at my home. Fortunately for me, my family as well as my husbands family celebrates Eid Ul Adha on the same day as those who have completed their Hadj.

Eid Ul Fitr we’d celebrate at my moms and Eid Ul Adha we take turns to Qurbaan at my moms and two sisters, hence my excitement as the opportunity comes around every four years.

Here’s some pics of our day











I wore a coral LEGENDARY dress, so comfortable & cool on the 35deg heat.



Eid Mubarak from my home to yours. May a Almighty Allah accept our sacrifices, AMEEN.

Much ⭐️

Fabulous In Hijab launches Khamissa range


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Aslm beautiful Hijabi’s

Algamdoelilah what a stunning fashion show weekend it was! I hope your time off was spent with the people you love and care for most. The weekend was filled with excitement and lots of running around and would not have been possible without the help of my hubby & kids.

Fabulous in Hijab participated at the Simply Modest Fashion Show held at the protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge V&A Waterfront on Saturday. FIH together with 6 other designers showcased their wears to another sold out event. The 150+ attendees was certainly entertained as designers individual styles were easily recognizable through their designs, some high glamour and a beautiful line up of wedding gowns. Well done to Mujeeba & Tasneem at Little BIG events👏

Fashion show time is a tiny bit nerving for me as I like dramatic looks, more artistic and more intricate designer cuts for the runway… BUT this was a Simply Modest fashion show, and it needed to be just that simply modest..

Here’s some amateur pics from backstage. oh! I must send a special thank you to all the beautiful models, SHUKRAN. It was so easy working with you ladies, your patience with me whilst pinning your scarves, and wardrobe swops and changes went well…
And it was a success…bagged a few dresses as they came off the runway💃

Below: my Aishah….my supermodel!
She’s wearing white pants – Ivy purchased at the Free Market
Top – Blk & White T with leather pocket detail Fabulous In Hijab
Cardi – lime Fabulous In Hijab Cardi
br />

Model below wearing grey & natural Chev stripe T
Natural leather Skirt
Natural Drape Cardi
ALL Fabulous In Hijab


Model below wearing natural stripe Summer 2014 dress
Natural drape Cardi


Model wearing Natural Elegance glamour dress (it looks so good on her!)


ALL Fabulous in Hijab -the first walk.


NEW Fabulous In Hijab Khamissa range

Model wearing LBD Legendary Black Dress &
Summer stripe Khamissa


Model (front) wearing LBD & Khamissa
Model (left) wearing White Khoral dress


Model (left) wearing white Khoral dress
Model (right) wearing a Rania Royal crop top & skirt.


The Rania Royal worn by Rushda at Eid 2014.


Fabulous In Hijab – second walk


Kindly LIKE my page. These designs will be available soon after Eid-ul-Adhaa INSHA-ALLAH.

Please do pop by again, Chat soon🌻

Much 💌

My designer family @ Nuhaa’s bride day


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Aslm Hijabistas

24 September SA celebrates Heritage Day aka national braai day. Yesterday, braai day or rather bride day (as per cuz Nazmie), was definitely one to remember. Nuhaa & Raashied’s wedding was spectacular!


Here’s the beautiful couple on their wedding day.

Nuhaa’s dress was amazing! The colour was rich and the bead work out of this world!
My mommy Fabulous made the retinue dresses, bridesmaids till flower girls….needless to say their dresses were perfect! Masha-Allah, mom is a master dressmaker!




My dad’s sisters, Seven of my eight aunts and me mommy Fabulous, all dressmakers/designers.

Mom & dad

Mommy Fabulous, my sisters & me

Hubby & me

Yip…. I wore an old dress, oops.
This was what I’d made but the weather was a bit cold and it wasn’t glamour enough for such a special day as a wedding.


Next up… The Simply Modest Fashion show, Saturday 27 September 2014.
Protea Hotel, Breakwater Lodge
V&A Waterfront.

Thank you for reading and please do pop by again.

Much ❤️

Fabulous In Hijab Market days


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Aslm Hijabista’s

Shukran! Shukran! Shukran! To all who attended The Cape Town Pre-Eid expo yesterday at Oaklands High😘. All praises due to Almighty Allah for our blessings & another successful market day!




If you missed the Cape Town Pre-Eid market, don’t despair… The Halaal expo is Just two days away💃. Wednesday, 24 September 2014 INSHA-Allah. The Expo takes place at Wittebome Civic. The expo trading hours are 10 till 6pm but I’ll be there 10 till 2pm as I have a wedding to attend… Perk of being self employed👏.


Here’s some pics of what’s available on Wednesday INSHA-Allah.




I hope to see you Wednesday at the Halaal expo, please pop in again to see what I put together for my cousins wedding👗

Much 💙

LBD – Legendary Black Dress


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Aslm Hijabista’s

Jumuah Mubarak to you and your loved ones.

ALGAMDOELILAH🙏 What a very busy week here

The Fabulous In Hijab LBD -Legendary Black Dress is back in stock. Every Hijabi needs the perfect legendary black dress in her closet. Whether you are going to a semi formal, black tie event, work, or just on a hot date, the LBD is always the right choice. I’ve changed the fabric to suit the African sun, all year round. The fabric is superb! The designer cut gives you that princessy feel, with lots of movement & swissshhh. Let Fabulous In Hijab LBD help you define your style as a Muslimah.

Oooo and the best part is, The LBD does not require any ironing!
it doesn’t crease💃
no static therefore no cling💃💃



Fabulous In Hijab LBD – Legendary Black Dress retails at R350
Drape Cardi at R200

Shukran for popping in! feel free to forward your pics how you’ve styled your Fabulous In Hijab LBD…it could be featured in our 30 looks for 30 days ad.

Much 💛

Fabulous in Hijab Natural Tunic


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Aslm Beautiful Hijabi’s

Eeek, something went wrong and my previous post has gone missing😔.

It was about the versatility & comfort of my Natural Tunic which is part of my Spring 2014 range.

Socializing with my designer cuz, Aniyah Brown, the idea of 30 looks for 30 days using only a few items was initiated.

Always eager to take on a new challenge… Plus I love dressing up and creating new looks, I’ve come up with these looks using new range and only what’s available from what’s left in my wardrobe.


From top to toe
Scarf – Mother’s Day prezzy from Hermanus Flea market
Statement necklace – Mr Price
Top – Fabulous In Hijab Natural Tunic
Boyfriend Jeans – Woolworths OLD
shoes – Charles & Keith


Scarf – Country Road
Top – Fabulous in Hijab Natural Tunic
Tan Pants – OLD
Tan Shoes – Charles & Keith


Scarf – Turban style plain Blk Old
Scarf – lace neckerchief Old
Necklace – Aunty Nadeema stall @ Free market
Top – Fabulous In Hijab Natural Tunic
Gold Pants – Mr Price (very old)
Black wedge – Woolworths


Scarf – old
Necklace and bag – Moms
Top – Fabulous in hijab Natural Tunic
Pants – fabulous In Hijab Double cotton wide leg pants
Black wedge – Woolworths

Please do send me pics how you’ve styled your look wearing the Fabulous In Hijab Natural Tunic

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Spring cleaning


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Aslm Hijabista’s

Cape Town Spring 2014 has offered us the most beautiful days of sunshine, Algamdoelilah. My wardrobe needed a serious clear out… And so I did! Donate, donate, donate… it wasn’t easy at all as I’m ’emotionally attached’ to my designs, according to hubby😁

I managed to clear out most of my every/any day wear and kept my classic glamour wear…not that I’ll wear them again but remembering how I felt when I wore them…I’m emotional like that.

Pics taken from my website
of items I couldn’t part with, but did. I still love my All Stars and skirt look, which I did three years back, still a classic look, will definitely update this look any day.
My lived in, over worn LBD… Legendary Black Dress, which I immediately restyled, better fabric, plus pockets & flare bottom.



available in S – XXL
084-553-1694 (Whatsapp welcomed)


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Much 💙

Hadj season


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This weekend was all about visiting and greeting family & friends who are MOST fortunate to have received their invitation for Hadj.

I’m sure you feel this way too, when chatting to the Gujaaj that we naturally feel a sudden longing to be on Hadj too. We start questioning ourselves when we will be on the road to performing Hadj, seriously setting a date and making it a reality for ourselves.

As with everything, we can only achieve what we work towards, with the blessings of Our Creator, of course. So if we haven’t physically made that application/registered for Hadj, how could we receive accreditation.

Oh, the quota system is the most scariest! Imagine 16000 South Africans applies and only +-2000 are accredited. The following year 5000 new applicants plus the applicants that hasn’t yet been accredited…and again only 2000 are accredited….that’s like a 20 year waiting period!!! (I don’t know if the numbers are correct, just used it as an example]. Saudi’s please build faster, we need a bigger quota!! Proves true that the invitation for Hadj IS from Allah.

Cape Town International Airport is about 10 minutes from where I live and take any opportunity to go, always enjoy going to see ppl off or welcoming them back from their travels.

The crowd of Gujaaj this morning was of all ages, mostly older but also a lot of younger ppl, probably 20/30 year olds. How honored they are to be the guests of Allah this year.

They’ve started their journey with sincerest hearts, few years ago, knowing that their opportunity will come to spend their Rizq in the way of Allah. To enjoy the next few weeks in daily supplications, guaranteed that all duahs will be answered, to be released from sin, and to be present on the day of Arafat, AMEEN.

Even though you would be the first or even the last one of your family or you are “not ready”… Allah promises us Hadj decreases poverty when we spend in His way. Why do we continue making excuses for ourselves, when will we be ones leaving….I ask myself?