Asalamu Alaykum Dear hijabis 

I know I’m so delayed with wishing you beauties an Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak🐏 My sincerest duahs to you and your families for our sacrifices & prayers be accepted AMEEN.

It’s been too long since my last blogpost,  please forgive me… Been busy with new design styles, Eid rush and matric season all in one.  Scrolling through my pics, I realized I’m naturally more of a dress designer than a blogger… Blogging being a full time job on its own. Wish I had more hours in a day or maybe just another day between Saturday & Sunday just for me to document/showcase/exhibit my Fabulous In Hijab designs via this blog.

Hope you have a cuppa in hand as its going to be a long one😎

As a member of my teens high school SGB, hubby and I were invited to attend the schools matric ball. Same high school as I attended and I knew it was going to be a wonderful flashback to my teen years.  Not attending my own matric ball wasn’t a surprise for me back then as the rules were laid down when we (TT & I) started high school.  No matric ball and that was it.  No loss to me at all as we really didn’t have a social life outside school hours with our school friends.  Being part of a HUGE family, close knit, many cousins same ages, always a celebration every weekend, there was no time.         Yet, 21 years later, earlier this week, I attended my high school matric ball. 

I usually know exactly what style I want to wear for a specific occasion, my what to wear or rather what to make excitement was different…being my first matric ball, 2 decades later, I didn’t want a ball gown (in fear of looking like the students specifically) also needing to maintain a more ‘professional’ evening look! 

My Eid-Ul-Adha outfit could’nt do as the colour was too light for evening glamour.  I chose a jumpsuit😃 incorporated my latest crossover pants design to it, just for a bit more modesty when wearing pants.  I really stepped out of my comfort zone of wearing pants and was ecstatic with the outcome as it was loose all over.  The jumpsuit still on trend this season and I needed to hijabify this trend too😉 

Fabulous In Hijab Jumpsuit

Nude Brocade jacket (old)

Black Kashkah scarf from Riehanas Scarves

Chairman Scarf pin from Wimsy 


(Black doesn’t photograph well, eek)

Chatting to my school friend who attended our matric ball  we had a good laugh at the trend back then…  Peach satin with huge sleeves and lots of gold braiding, thigh high slit and all🌻

I didn’t get to wear a dress to my first matric ball but I did get to make lots of beautiful dresses, this year… My favorites being a classic black full sequined bodice dress and tulle bottom another a full length red lace dress with all round trail detail.

The Fabulous In Hijab Spring ’15 range is a capsule collection of tunics, Khamissas and crossover pants in Neutral shades of grey, nude, black and denim matching with natural striped & nude plain Khamissas and tunics.

Here’s a few pics currently available Online, from Gouwa in Rondebosch east and from the home of Fabulous In Hijab in Belhar, Cape Town


Black Khamissa

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants

Natural Stripe Khamissa

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants 

Coral jacquard knit Khamissa

White Colett tunic

 Grey crossover pants

My Salahuddin 

Jade jacquard Khamissa 

White Colett tunic

Grey crossover pants

Denim crossover pants

Coral Colett tunic

My Eid-Ul-Adha look.

Grey crossover pants

White Colett tunic

Blush pink Khamissa with grey contrast sleeve detail

Shoes (old – do you remember Topics?)

  A quick rinse and a blow dry☺️ thanks Salahuddin😏

Mommy Fabulous wearing the Jade Legendary dress

Nana wearing FABULOUS IN HIJAB chambray denim summer TRENCHsetting design 


 Aishah owns the jumpsuit trend, in soft viscose,  I love her in it as she stays neat and it’s super comfy. The Aztec/bohemian print ideal for her playfulness.

Mothers and daughters wearing similar trends… I’m all for it.  Our daughters wants to be just like us, let us be good examples for them, INSHA-Allah.  
  Mogamad Yusuf   
Shukran for reading, I’d love to hear from you, would you dare to wear the jumpsuit trend?  Have you tried the Fabulous in Hijab crossover pants?  It’s available online at a discounted launch promo price (promo ends 10 Oct ’15)

Bag it at now👌🏻

Stay Fabulous

Much 🌹