Asalamu Alaykum Hijabistas

It’s a long weekend before another long weekend = happiness for school vaycays too😃

Easter seems to have come earlier this year, wondering if the weather will hold as it often rains over the Easter weekend.  I’m a winter baby and love the cold weather… Yes because it’s easier to wear a scarf properly on the head covering all my hair, cos yes it will mince (cape town slang for frizzy hair) (ok, not really🙃) …know this, THE HIJAB STRUGGLE IS REAL! 

If you are going away over the holidays or spending quality time at home, #fabulousinhijab has some new comfy casuals available to ease you into the cooler days ahead. 

Here’s some vaycay style inspirations by Fabulous In Hijab

1.  Fabulous In Hijab Black Assymetric top & Black pants with Plimsoles and a plain black Pin Free Scarf. Dainty Y-chain for a finishing touch.

 2.  Fabulous In Hijab Grey Assymetric top, wear it with jeans & Plimsoles. 
3.  This one is a must have! Black Midi dress. Mid-calf length, long sleeves. The fabric is superb, no ironing, no crease, no fluff, no pill and did I mention no ironing😃😃which make the Black Midi dress the perfect item for travelling.

See below, two very different looks wearing the Black Midi dress with flared jeans and heels and again with one of my faves Nike #Theas. ( yes yes I know, I’m so flat😭 #fabulousinhijab clothing sizes till Xxl)



4. Grey & red stripe Assymentric top pair it with jeans.


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Goodwood family Fun day at JG Meiring school, 8-5.  Remember we have our vouchers, for your clothing donations Mienfadlik.

We love to hear from you, what you doing this Easter?☝️
Much love